Disclaimer for live footage:

Please note this is live, unedited film from a real working farm.

One hundred day old chicks have just arrived at Romshed Farm plus the first swallows of the season.

Day old chicks need to be kept very warm. They would be 90 degrees under their mother so this has to be replicated. The farmer uses two heat lamps and insulates a small area of the barn to start with – particularly as the nights are still very cold. As the chicks get older and the ambient temperatures warmer, the farmer removes the cover you see in the film and gives the chicks more space. They will be inside for about 4 weeks before being feathered up and hardy enough to go outside onto grass where they will be fattened for eating in about 4 months’ time. They need a lot of cleaning out, so the farmer is in and out several times a day checking on them and ensuring that the temperature is right, and keeping their water and feed topped up.

  • Watch the birdies!

    Watch the birdies!

    100 day old chicks have arrived at Romshed Farm so the webcam has been moved to show them and, if you are lucky, the first swallows arriving in the barn, where they usually nest. 

  • Piglet pranks

    Piglet pranks

    As well as footage from the lambing shed there, is also some fun video of a litter of lively one week old piglets and their mum running around their sty and outdoor pen.

  • Lambing at Romshed Farm

    Lambing at Romshed Farm

    In March we set up a webcam at Romshed Farm, near Sevenoaks in Kent to capture the wonders of farm life. We began by showing some of the farm’s 150 pregnant sheep as they delivered their lambs and very few weeks we will move the webcam to capture a different aspect of the farm.