Live Webcam from Romshed Farm in Kent

It's always busy at Romshed Farm and our webcam captures loads of activities - from swallows flitting about the barns as they build their nests and rear their young, to the farmer bringing animals into the yard to check them, ensure they are wormed and protected against flystrike and select animals for market and shearing. 

When new things happen, the farmer will set up the webcam so you can see what is going on more easily and both the farmer and The Country Trust will send out tweets - if you would like to be kept informed as things happen, please follow Romshed Farm (@romshedfarm) and The Country Trust (@countrytrust) on twitter, or subscribe to our eNewsletter.

Looking Ahead

Here are a few things coming up over the next few weeks and months:

July - August
Bees arrive at a hive on the farm
A new batch of day old chicks arrive

We should see the birth of a new litter of piglets

  • Watch the birdies!

    Watch the birdies!

    100 day old chicks have arrived at Romshed Farm so the webcam has been moved to show them and, if you are lucky, the first swallows arriving in the barn, where they usually nest. 

  • Piglet pranks

    Piglet pranks

    As well as footage from the lambing shed there, is also some fun video of a litter of lively one week old piglets and their mum running around their sty and outdoor pen.

  • Lambing at Romshed Farm

    Lambing at Romshed Farm

    In March we set up a webcam at Romshed Farm, near Sevenoaks in Kent to capture the wonders of farm life. We began by showing some of the farm’s 150 pregnant sheep as they delivered their lambs and very few weeks we will move the webcam to capture a different aspect of the farm.