sophie green with child sophie green with child

Meet the Ambassador - Sophie Green

We are excited to introduce Sophie Green as one of our new Ambassadors. Ambassadors are passionate, knowledgeable supporters who volunteer their expertise and influence to further our mission to empower the next generation of confident, curious and connected children.

As respected voices in their fields, they raise awareness of Country Trust, inspire action, and help guide our strategic efforts. As a passionate environmentalist, Sophie Green brings invaluable experience and steadfast dedication to advocating for every child's opportunity to connect with the land that sustains us all.  

Over to our newest Ambassador, Sophie Green: 


Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself 

I’m a country girl at heart. I’ve always been fascinated by the origin of food. For as long as I can  remember. Ever since childhood. My first inspiration was our incredible Mulberry tree. As children we had special “mulberry picking clothes” as the red dye was so powerful it stained absolutely everything! I strongly believe, through this one special tree my brothers and I developed a deep connection with nature. We would always ask our parents if we could have supper outside: on the lawn, under our climbing frame, on the terrace (never at the table though as that would have been too dull), always close to this big tree! My late grandparents were also avid botanists and would open up their garden to the public a few times a year so anyone could come and admire their specialist roses and other rare plant specimens which they treated with such love.  My parents continue their horticulture tradition, I intend to do more and I hope my future children will also. From an experiential perspective, whether picking mulberries or other food from the kitchen garden at home or wild rosemary and sea fennel by the sea, we were lucky enough to be educated by our family. My biggest wish therefore is that the Country Trust can facilitate each and every child across the country to foster their curiosity, catalyse their confidence and spark a connection to the land which is very close to my heart. 


Q: What is your background?  

After completing my undergraduate degree at Edinburgh University, in Modern Languages and Architectural History, I went to work with a leading environmentalist. At the time he was editor of the Ecologist, a recognised environmental philanthropist and embarking on his environmental political career. During this period in my career, very luckily, I was introduced to some incredibly cool people. Each best in class, innovating within their disciplines to make the world more sustainable. Simultaneously I was undertaking an environmental law postgrad and have, ever since been working with private family offices on sustainable education projects.  


Q: What inspired you to become an Ambassador for The Country Trust?   

I felt like it was the right time to give back to the next generation in a meaningful way. Whilst in the process of undertaking my research I came across some pretty interesting organisations but none as impressive as the Country Trust. It seems to operate in such a devoted, dynamic and disciplined way, so I was deeply honoured to be asked to become an Ambassador and am excited to help as part of the wider team of Ambassadors to catalyse the Country Trust’s progress. I also feel like we have a huge responsibility to ensure young people are nurtured and encouraged to follow their authentic curiosity. Passion after all is a superpower!    


Q: What change do you want to see?  

I mean, I would love to see each and every child in the UK, be given the opportunity to have "farm in a box" or "plant your pants” experiences. I know it’s an ambitious goal but I hope that together, we can step up to the plate and make the difference.  I also strongly believe the journey of “sprouting a seed” is a journey. I’m a big believer that where your energy goes is what grows. This journey is so simple, yet so effective. It does not need to be anything complicated - an onion, a basil plant or a marigold. Without getting too technical, photosynthesis is the biological superpower on which we all rely. The truth is most people don’t remember the complicated equation beyond a biology class. Yet ironically it is the biological lifeblood of our planet. It produces all our plant-based food, sustains algae which filter our water and, thanks to trees and seaweed, cleans our air. 


Q: What do you want to achieve as an Ambassador?  

I would love to inspire a cohort of other Ambassadors to step up to the plate, so they can help make the goals of the Country Trust happen. To share their platforms, attend events, encourage others to talk about the amazing work the dedicated team at the Country Trust do.  


Q: Can you tell us about your Food Discovery visit experience?   

Of course! It was such fun! I absolutely loved joining in with the class and sharing the enriching experience. The Country Trust Coordinator was very adept not just capturing the attention of whole classroom but facilitating a happy, relaxed environment in which each child could be forthcoming with their own curiosity, confidently asking questions and collaborating with their peers. They say sport brings people together like no other but I strongly believe food has an unbelievable power to connect us all as human beings.  There is no doubt food has the power to convene, in a huge way. Spending a morning together was truly amazing. I do hope more Ambassadors will enjoy their experiences as much as I did!  

“What a joy to be with our new Ambassador Sophie Green creating and tasting chermoula (new to me but delicious!) with the bright and inspiring children of Canon Barnett school, part of the Mulberry Schools Trust.”- Jill CEO  


Anything else you’d like to add?   

No one ever regrets learning more about food and where it comes from as these are skills each of us will use for life, to nurture our own bodies and families.