children looking at worms in soil children looking at worms in soil

One Wish for Soil

How getting children's hands in the soil can shape a brighter future.

What if every child understood that beneath their feet is a miraculous life support system? What if every child understood that producing the food we eat directly affects that system? What if every child understood that they are powerful, and that through their actions they could make a difference to a thriving world?  

It would be transformational to all our lives, and you can play a pivotal role in turning it into reality. 




Our wish for soil is simple yet profound: for every child to have the opportunity to make a connection with the land. To have the chance to discover that they stand on the rooftop of another world, and that healthy soil is teeming with life. To learn that this is a world that we depend on and that depends on us, a world that everyone, children included can protect and enrich. In an era of uncertainty, this message offers genuine hope.

At The Country Trust, we're dedicated to realising this vision. This year we guided over 19,000 people on a journey of soil discovery in the first year of our Plant Your Pants Soil Health Campaign and trained our national Coordinator team in how to bring soil to life for children. Over 20,000 children had a Country Trust Farm Discovery visit last year, a further 30,000 children took part in our Food Discovery, Countryside Residential and Farm in a Box programmes. 

But this is just the start.  We want to take thousands more children on specialist Soil Discovery farm visits, children with huge potential but very limited opportunities. 

Just £10 per month will support four children to have this life-changing experience. Can you help us to make our wish for soil and for children a reality? Every donation will make a difference to their lives, and to all our lives.