Live Webcam from Romshed Farm in Kent

It's always busy at Romshed Farm and our webcam captures loads of activities - from swallows flitting about the barns as they build their nests and rear their young, to the farmer bringing animals into the yard to check them, ensure they are wormed and protected against flystrike and select animals for market and shearing. 

When new things happen, the farmer will set up the webcam so you can see what is going on more easily and both the farmer and The Country Trust will send out tweets - if you would like to be kept informed as things happen, please follow Romshed Farm (@romshedfarm) and The Country Trust (@countrytrust) on twitter, or subscribe to our eNewsletter.

Featured highlights from our webcam are shown in the videos below.

Looking Ahead

Here are a few things coming up next year:

January to March – the camera will be on Romshed's pregnant cows and bull who are in the barn, keeping dry and eating lots of homegrown haylage in the winter months.  The camera is on a new brush that starts to rotate when a cow pushes up against it for a good scratch and rub.  They seem to really enjoy it and it helps to keep their coats in good condition.  Their calves are due in April and May by which time they will be back out into the fields.  

March – April – lambing starts in mid March and the farmer will bring first time mothers and any ewes that are expecting triplets into the barns.   Although most of the flock lamb outside, Romshed use the barns to bring in sheep that need special care so this is a time to keep an eye out for live lambings and all the other jobs that need to happen at lambing.  It is the busiest time of year around the barns so there should be plenty to see.

Day old chicks will arrive in April and before we know where we are it will be May and the swallows will have arrived after a long flight from Africa.  We will put the webcam onto their nest so you can watch these wonderful birds build their nests and raise their young.