Child eats a freshly-picked bean from a farmer host Child eats a freshly-picked bean from a farmer host


Help us to achieve our mission to connect children with the land that sustains us all.

We're sliding towards an environmental crisis and the natural world. Our life support system is under serious threat.

But generation by generation, we're becoming more disconnected from the land, and most of us have little or no understanding of how the food choices we make every day are affecting our future.

But if we act now, we can break that cycle by giving our children the opportunity to forge a deep connection with the land.



One Wish For Soil

With your help we can support 24,000 children in 2024 to make their first connection with the land that sustains us all.


How our work makes a difference

99% teachers said they had observed all or most of their children engaging with the natural world through touching and feeling, listening, tasting, smelling and observing. 

95% children said they had done something for the first time – some of these experiences appear gentle (“I felt hay and real wool” – pupil) but can be mammoth steps for the children who can be very nervous about doing anything outside of their routine experience.  Coordinators build up children's confidence by encouraging them with small steps. 

97% of teachers tell us that they observed all or most of their pupils excited to talk with each other about what they have done and learnt during our programmes, with 91% saying that this extends to talking to the Coordinator or farmer and asking them questions (supporting their curiosity). High quality talk is essential to pupils’ thinking and learning and is linked to improvements in reading and writing and overall attainment. 

Over 90% of the children we have worked with say they think farms are important. 92% of children that have been on farm visits say that they want to go back to the farm. 

When children don’t understand where food comes from or have the chance to spend time outdoors, there’s a huge knock-on effect for their health, education and the environment. 

This disproportionately affects the four million children in the UK living in disadvantaged circumstances due to poverty. With the help of supporters like you, we bring life-changing opportunities to thousands of children across the country. 

Our programmes open up a world that enriches children’s lives, developing their curiosity and their confidence. Through new experiences, we fuel imagination and vocabulary, increase self-esteem and resilience. This enables children to ask questions and make informed decisions about food and the world they live in and experience the fun and freedom of being a child playing outside. 



It’s been amazing to see the children grow in confidence trying new foods. I have loved seeing them try things for the first time and whilst I was aware of the level of deprivation in the school it has reminded me of how limited some of our children’s diet and experiences were. This has opened up their world a little bit and given the adults an opportunity to talk about new foods as well.” Teacher, Waterside Primary School