Food Discovery Taster

“I’m so proud of making food by myself”
Year 3 pupil, St John Vianney RC Primary, London

Have your pupils visit a local farm and then enjoy two or more pupil sessions from the selection below

Cooking session: children learn to cook with the produce they have seen growing on a farm. For example, visit a potato farm and then learn to cook a delicious leek and potato soup.

Growing session: here children learn to grow the same sort of produce they saw growing on a farm, and learn to look at the mini-beasts living in your school garden!

Enterprise session: children will be helped to set up and run a playground market - just like a farm that runs a shop might do.

This programme costs from £1,200.

For schools who fit our criteria and wish to organise a food discovery project, please contact Vicki Leng or email us at [email protected]