Food Discovery

“The best bit about gardening was eating what we had planted”
Year 3 pupil, St Paul’s RC Primary, London

You can sign up one of your year groups, or classes and over an academic year they will take part in up to:

6 x growing sessions: children will learn how to sow, transplant and care for a variety of different crops in different situations (raised beds, pots and buckets).

3 x cooking sessions: children will learn to cook several different savoury dishes using the sorts of vegetables they are growing and have the opportunity to taste new things (seasonal and local produce or share their community's recipes).

3 x farm visits: children will visit different farms over the year and see how the countryside changes and what farmers' lives are like.

1 x playground market: children will run a mini-farmers' market in the school playground for parents and do their own research to find what produce will sell best. Having promoted the market, they will then order fruit and vegetables through their Food Discovery Coordinator, weigh out and price produce and refine their sales skills!

2 x local food hero sessions: a local farmer or food producer will come into your school and talk about the work they do (and hopefully bring samples to taste and touch!).

3 x learning journal sessions: children will reflect on what they have learnt and experienced. They will keep journals to show their learning with photos, notes, pictures and keepsakes that they have found.

1 x harvest feast: at the end of the year the pupils harvest the fruit and vegetables they have grown and cook it up and share a feast together!

This programme costs from £4,000.

For schools who fit our criteria and wish to organise a food discovery project, please contact Vicki Leng or email us at [email protected]