Food Discovery Carousel

Food Discovery Carousel is an opportunity for several classes to take part in Food Discovery throughout the school year.  Like all our Food Discovery programmes, the Carousel is tailored to the needs of each individual school.  We usually work with one class, on one afternoon every week for a half term.  The number of sessions may vary, depending on the needs of the school, but will typically comprise:

A growing session: Children learn how to sow, transplant and care for a variety of different crops in different situations (raised beds, pots and buckets).

A cooking session: Children learn to cook a simple dish.

A farm visit: Children visit a real, working farm and spend some time getting to know the farmer and learning about what a farmer's life is like.  We help them to see the connection between the countryside, farming and the food they eat.  

A playground market: Children run a mini farmers' market at school for parents.  They conduct research to decide what will sell best. Having promoted the market, the children order the produce they wish to sell, weigh it out, price it and sell it!

A local 'Food Hero' session: A local farmer or food producer comes to school to talk about the work they do (and hopefully bring samples to taste and touch!).

At the end of the school term or year, all the children who have taken part share a huge Harvest Feast, knowing that they have all contributed to the growing of what they are eating.


This programme costs from £9,000 but we can supplement school budgets with our own fundraising, in order to make as many programmes as possible a reality.

or schools who fit our criteria and would like to take part in our Food Discovery programme, please contact Sally Hetherington-Aherne or email us at [email protected]