Farm in a Box

Bringing the farm to you!!

A new programme for those schools not yet able to come out on a farm visit, Farm in a Box brings the farm to your school.

The Farm in a Box experience, tailored to each school’s needs, is designed by us to be delivered at school, primarily in an outside space, by teaching staff. 

Boxes are themed according to the farms available for visits in the area and include Fruit, Vegetables, Seeds we Eat, Dairy, Beef and Sheep. Each Farm in a Box is accompanied by a short film, personalised for each school, in which the farmer welcomes the class and takes them on a virtual tour of his/her farm.

The box itself arrives at school in time for the Farm in a Box day and is filled to the brim with exciting resources – these may include examples of farm produce, seeds or equipment – and a stash of activity cards and challenges that will enable children to make vital connections between their lives, their food, their natural surroundings and farming.   

The Farm in a Box activities will include investigations and challenges focused on a specific aspect of farming, depending on the interests and needs of the class and will be chosen by the teacher with support from their Country Trust Coordinator. Teachers have used the Boxes to support topics as diverse as Harvest Festival and Ancient Grains of Mesopotamia!  

Farm in a Box has been designed in consultation with teachers to reflect current priorities. Every activity is curriculum linked but language, communication and well-being are woven throughout every Farm in a Box day, to ensure the experience helps children increase their understanding of the world of food and farming but also their confidence, self-esteem and promotes successful interactions with their peers.

Every box is based on a real working farm. Our plan is that children will subsequently visit their Farm in a Box farm as soon as they are able.

Sample box

“It opens a wonderful door of possibilities in these times. The farm in the box is such a gorgeous idea and the pupils were so engaged”  
Anita Warren, Assistant Head St Christopher’s  

“Children have loved exploring their farms in a box, thank you for organising, it's been the next best thing to visiting you!” 
Estelle Ranshaw, Sir Francis Hill Primary School

“It was really exciting; a really hands on investigation. They were talking to each other, making predictions. They were engaged all day.” 
Northlands School, Essex