Continuing Professional Development

“Excellent gardening session, really well delivered
and informative”
Sacred Heart Primary School, Manchester

“Thanks Sara, you make things seem so simple and it makes me feel like having a go with the class!”
Teacher at St Paul's RC Primary, Wood Green

Schools sometimes ask us how they can learn to do what we do.  So we came up with some CPD sessions.  Choose any or all of these and add them to your Food Discovery package, or contact us for bespoke requirements; we will always aim to meet the need of the school and staff.  Price on request.

  • Making the most of a farm visit - Learning Outside the Classroom (LOTC) based
  • Cooking with children - learning to connect the farm visit to your cooking lesson (covering food safety, choosing recipes based on abiliy, seasonality and equipment)
  • Growing with children - learning to connect the farm visit to your growing space (basic growing tips and techniques)
  • Using the school growing space - finding out how to best use the school growing area year round with different age groups
  • Using food to enhance English and Maths - looking at how food can be used creatively to bring the core curriculum to life!

For schools who fit our criteria and wish to organise a food discovery project, please contact Vicki Leng or email us at [email protected]