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About Plant Your Pants

Not enough people know that soil is critical for life on earth; for food, purifying water, mitigating flooding, combatting drought and capturing carbon. Many of us have lost connection with the land and don’t know where or how our food is produced.​ Diets are poor and children are spending less time outdoors. The Country Trust is on a mission to change that by getting the nation curious about this precious resource and encouraging them to get their hands in the soil.  

Plant Your Pants invites families, schools, gardeners, farmers and anyone else across the UK to bury a pair of cotton pants around the first day of spring (20th March) as the start of a journey together to explore the world beneath our feet. Eight weeks later we will all dig up our pants to see what has happened to them - the more disintegrated the pants, the better the soil health! 

This is our second year of running Plant Your Pants. Last year, 23,000 people took part and we’d love to see even more do so this year. Our aim is for 30,000 to get their hands in the soil and plant some pants. By getting involved, partici-pants will develop an understanding of why healthy soil is vital to all our lives and find out how we can all help to protect our precious soil. 



"Over time, we hope to build a nationwide understanding of the vital importance of soil, and the role each of us can play in making our soil healthy. ​ We’ll spark connection and curiosity along the way, guiding people how to look for signs of life, understand what it means and why it matters to each of us. ​ Plus, we’ll ask children to track their findings online and build up a picture of soil across the country." ​ 

Jill Attenborough - The Country Trust CEO


“Healthy soil is teeming with life, much of which can’t be seen by the naked eye, so getting our hands in the soil and seeing the way it acts on a pair of cotton pants is a brilliant way to experience its magic.  We have ignored the soil for too long and this has had a negative impact, not only on the environment, but also the quality of the food grown in it and our health. We all have a role to play in improving our soil, all we have to do is open our senses to the ground around us and listen to what it has to tell us.”  

Tom Fairfax, a regenerative organic farmer based in Northumberland who hosts Country Trust Farm Discovery school visits and is a Plant Your Pants soil champion. 



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> General Audiences 

  • .@CountryTrust has launched #PlantYourPants and wants as many people as possible to take part. Calling all gardeners, families, schools and farmers to get involved to find out that soil is #MoreThanMud! Sign up at:  
  • I’m taking part in #PlantYourPants and joining @CountryTrust to discover more about the critical role soil plays in the world. Why not try planting your pants too? 


> For Gardening Audiences  

  • Calling all gardeners! Are you curious to know more about what’s going on in the soil? Take part in #PlantYourPants and join @CountryTrust on a journey of soil discovery. Sign up at 
  • Healthy soil is crucial for gardens but do you really know what is going on down there?   


> Education Audiences

  • #PlantYourPants is a fun and interactive activity for all schools to get involved with, bringing to life key curriculum topics. Register to take part and join @CountryTrust in helping children discover the soil  
  • #PlantYourPants from @CountryTrust brings to life key curriculum topics such as climate change, habitats, and rocks & minerals through ready-made, interactive resources. Available for all schools to take part!   


> Farming Audiences

  • How healthy are our soils? @CountryTrust invites farmers to become an important voice in their new nationwide campaign #PlantYourPants, shining a light on custodian responsibilities in soil health & sustainable food. Find out more:  
  • Farmers... How healthy is your soil? In spring 2024 @CountryTrust invites farmers to #PlantYourPants and map their location alongside thousands of school children! Which pants will have the most holes and healthiest soil? Find out more:  



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