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Our Impact

How our programmes support children to build confidence, curiosity and connections to the world of food and farming.

The children that most need connection with the land are those least able to access it. The Country Trust brings the countryside, farming and food alive for children who wouldn’t otherwise get to experience it.


Over the years, we’ve seen the magical effect it has on them… Getting their hands in the soil; meeting farmers; tentatively tasting vegetables, often for the first time. Watching in awe as a lamb is born. Anxiously refusing to try real bread, until, that is, they’ve had the chance to grind the grain into flour for themselves.

It’s about giving children what they need to explore where food comes from, first-hand. Igniting a connection to the land that sustains us all. Because we’re losing that connection.

When children get the chance to explore for themselves where food comes from, the knock-on effect for their health and the natural world is huge.

There are other benefits too. Teachers tell us how it builds vocabulary, imagination, curiosity and confidence.

This, is the stuff of change. The spark of opportunity.


2022 Impact Report highlight data:


  • Farm Discovery: All teachers agreed that reluctant learners had the opportunity to engage, with 93% strongly agreeing.
  • Food Discovery: 100% of teachers said that their pupils now understand more about where their food comes from.
  • Farm in a Box Local: 95% of teachers told us they were more enthused to take pupils outside to learn.
  • Farm in a Box National: 93% of teachers said that their pupils had been able to try new things in a supported of scaffolded way.
  • Countryside Residentials: All teachers agreed that the residential experience made them think of ways they could link this to classroom working.