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Hands-on support for teachers in Food Discovery

Our Food Discovery programme is a big (but exciting!) commitment, which is why we want to make sure you know about the amazing support our Coordinators provide during the programme. 

As a teacher, finding the right resources and support for your classroom can be a challenge, and joining an academic year-long programme may sound daunting. That’s why it’s essential for us to make sure that everyone who takes part in our programmes feels supported and confident to learn and engage in our sessions.  


What can teachers expect in Food Discovery? 

Emily Walmsley, Food Discovery Coordinator, tells us about the support teachers receive from our Coordinators and what they can expect from them throughout the programme. 

‘We appreciate how busy teachers are and the Food Discovery programme adds no work to their already busy workload. We provide all the resources and deliver each session.’ - Emily Walmsley, Food Discovery Coordinator 

‘At the beginning of the year, I meet in person with the class teachers to book the dates for the sessions. I look at the topics they will be doing over the year and if possible, see if I can tie in any of our sessions into these. (China topic- cooking stir fry, Science- Rocks, soils and fossils- we did soil activities in gardening etc). Teachers also receive a plan for the lesson in advance and I meet with them before the session to discuss any changes. 

Many of the teachers/school staff I have worked with this year have been anxious about the cooking and gardening sessions, lacking in confidence and knowledge themselves... Throughout the year they have enjoyed learning skills with the children, particularly in cookery, taking home recipes to cook again at home.’ 


Hands-on support 

Our Coordinators actively participate in all growing and cooking sessions, making sure the environment is safe for pupils to taste, cook and learn about food, but also ensure teachers are supported in these sessions. They also encourage teachers to engage in a broader range of real-world learning, both indoors and outdoors, and provide the opportunity for teachers to build their confidence to use elements of the Food Discovery Programme in their future teaching. 


At the end of the programme, our Food Discovery Impact Report (2021/22) shows: 

  • 95% of teachers agreed of strongly agreed that they were confident leading cooking sessions in the classroom. 
  • 83% of teachers agreed or strongly agreed that they were confident leading food growing sessions with pupils.  
  • 77% of teachers agreed or strongly agreed that they were confident using elements of farming in their teaching. 


Feedback from teachers

But don’t just take our word for it! - Here's what some of the teachers who have taken part in Food Discovery have to say about their experience, from Coordinator support to the increased confidence they’ve gained:  


“Ella [Coordinator] was amazing, knowledgeable, and professional. Her ability to get 22 6 and 7 year olds to skilfully chop is astounding!” Teacher, Waterside Primary School 


“Children really enjoyed this session, everything was prepped brilliantly so the children could spend the whole time cooking.” Teacher, Mile Cross Primary School 


“The children were briefed on safety and talked carefully through each aspect of the cooking stages. They were all engaged and excited about the session.” Teacher, St John Fisher and Thomas More Catholic Primary  


“Sue looked at our enquiry topic and gave annotations of how her sessions can link to Science, DT and Art!.” Teacher, James Knott Primary School 


“The idea of cooking in the classroom and making a big pot to split between 30 children […] proved that to do a food activity is not as tricky as you might think. Gives me more confidence to do something with food in other topics/science lessons.” Teacher, Aylsebury Vale Academy  


“I enjoyed teaching cooking and feeling confident whilst cooking.” Teacher, Moreland School  


Country Trust 

We want teachers and adults who engage with our programmes to feel supported, encouraged and empowered to take their pupils on a journey of food, farming and the countryside. Click here to learn more about our Food Discovery programme and discover who your local coordinator is here.