The Country Trust Launch Farm in a Box - Online

It was time for a rapid rethink for the Farm in a Box team in January, when lockdown measures meant a return to home schooling.

During the Autumn term, Country Trust staff delivered 67 separate Farm in a Box experiences to 2,161 children.  But with the arrival of another lockdown, the Trust had to rethink: Farm in a Box had been so well received, they were keen to find a way to continue offering at least a version of it.  They needed to act fast, and in just one week, they came up with Farm in a Box ONLINE.

This online version of Farm in a Box is designed to be used simultaneously by teachers with the children they have in class and, virtually, to those being home-schooled.  Each ‘box’ includes a video of a host farmer showing the children their land, crops, livestock and natural habitats and explaining their daily lives and work routines while they, too, are locked down.

Each Farm in a Box ONLINE experience also contains a selection of activities, which link children to the working countryside and which can be done at home or school. The themes range from looking for signs of life in their local surroundings (be that playground, local park, garden or back yard); listening to birdsong and comparing it to the sounds on the farm; and exploring the connection between crops and food, with a 'kitchen cupboard scavenger hunt'. There are lots of lesson options including recipes, quizzes and crafts, which should appeal to all ages and abilities.

Jill Attenborough, Country Trust CEO said, "We are proud to have responded to meet children’s needs within just 7 days and can’t wait to hear what they think of Farm in a Box ONLINE”.

Farm in a Box ONLINE is available from January 15th.  If you are a teacher and think your class would benefit from a Farm in a Box, please contact us here.




The Country Trust Launch Farm in a Box - Online The Country Trust Launch Farm in a Box - Online