Seeds of Hope

This National Gardening Week our Food Discovery Coordinator, Sally Hetherington-Aherne, has been sending sunflower seeds to sow smiles onto the faces of children at Mile Cross and Catton Grove Schools in Norwich.

Sally has sent over four hundred seeds to pupils so far, “As the school community is not physically together at the moment I thought that it might be a lovely way of bringing pupils together, by either sending out the seeds to pupils to grow at home, or for the remaining children to plant at school, in anticipation of the school community returning. Pupils at home could bring their sunflowers back for planting out in the school flower beds as a sort of ’seeds reunited’ and a symbol of resilience, hope and growth in these times.”

Savills generously donated the seeds, as we are their chosen charity in Norfolk this year. Thanks to them, every pupil at Mile Cross school has now received a seed to plant.

Head Teacher, Stuart Allen, says, “We are confident that children who have learnt to cook and grow through Food Discovery, and some parents who have been involved too, will have been able to put their skills to good use during the current crisis, with positive benefits for their health and wellbeing.”

Hoping to reach all children, Sally has made two videos showing how to plant seeds and how to make pots from recycled packaging or newspaper, which can be viewed here.

We are absolutely delighted to hear from teachers, that lives of children both at school and at home continue to be enriched by their Food Discovery knowledge. This crisis has certainly awakened many of us to the truth that growing our own food is beneficial for mind, body and soul.

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Seeds of Hope Seeds of Hope