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Food Discovery is a year-long programme to support educators and their students in growing, eating and even selling food!

From setting up a growing patch to providing a safe environment for children to cook and taste food that they've grown, our experienced coordinators share knowledge and experience to support children to develop a deeper relationship with food and the environment.

What teachers say about our Food Discovery Programme;

"Self-esteem has improved, I can always refer back to the cooking and gardening sessions to provide children an image of what they 'can do' to act as a foundation of what they will be able to do with new activities"

"Children make connections between nature and everyday lives"

"Improved interaction between children Mindfulness Knowledge of where their food has come from and how it has been produced. Gained an interest in food origins and production and they want to know more!".

We're currently seeking (closing 5th September 2021) an experienced child-led educator who has a passion for growing and cooking. 

Applications are now open for a Programme Manager who will lead our dispersed Food Discovery team to achieve amazing things with disadvantaged primary school communities around the country, work with others to grow and shape our programmes and build our contribution to a wider vision that every child eats a healthy diet and gets a world-class food education – for health, climate and nature.

If you're a teacher who would like to find out more about our Food Discovery Programme, contact us: [email protected]

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