Growing confident parents

Thanks to a partnership with Fiona Sadler, Pastorial Worker and Parent Support Advisor at Catton Grove Primary School, Norwich, we have been able to help and support a number of vulnerable parents at the school.

As part of Food Discovery in some schools, The Country Trust was asked to run parent cooking sessions. Catton Grove Primary has used Food Discovery cooking sessions to complement their work with vulnerable parents as part of a Life Skills course.  The parents involved in this training session reported that learning more about how to cook and the importance of eating a balanced diet and what that means has helped them immensely.  One mum said ‘I’ve overcome my fear of knives and the cooker’, and others said that the fact that they were more confident in the kitchen meant that their children were more confident cooking too. The head said about Food Discovery more generally that ‘it’s a vehicle for parents to be more involved in the life of the school in a practical way’.

Watch our film about the Life Skills programme and hear the uplifting experiences of parents whose confidence has grown as a result of learning through our Food Discovery project.


Growing confident parents Growing confident parents