Grow for it!

Young Carers were excited to receive their Grow for it! packs, produced by members of our Farm and Food Discovery teams. Young Carers groups in North Lincolnshire, North East Lincolnshire, Stockport and Wrexham have each received fifty packs which have been distributed to these courageous children in their regions. Virtual packs have also been sent to Bury Young Carers and Young Carers through Lincolnshire County Council.

The colourful activity booklets are brimming with fun, creative activities centred around farming, gardening and growing. Along with the booklets, our marvellous team have also equipped the Young Carers with the seeds and compost required to complete the projects.

Inspired by her own caring experiences, our Farm Discovery Coordinator Verity Chappell, and family (pictured left), were keen to create packs from their farm in Lincolnshire, “I was so excited about the prospect of working with the Young Carers group. When they had planned a visit for the end of July, I was hugely disappointed when we had to put the visit on hold due to Covid.  The whole family wanted to get involved as we were all very involved in helping my own dad care for my mum, who we sadly lost in December 2018 to Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. This was incredibly hard as an adult, so I have a huge respect for these young people who help care for others.  Mum was a fantastic gardener and I have many fond memories helping her in the garden and sneaking down to her vegetable garden to eat my favourite nibbles of strawberries and peas!”

Hopeful that the Grow for it! packs will generate gardening ventures that will form equally warm memories for the Young Carers to share with their parents and other Young Carers, we were delighted to receive such a positive initial response. Tracey Abrams-Porter (pictured left), from the Wellbeing and Young Carers Team in North Lincolnshire said, “I took most of my packs out Saturday, the children were thrilled with the variety and have offered to take pictures of their grow project. A very big thank you again for pulling all this together, it's a brilliant little project.”

Whilst many children take a break from school this summer, we are mindful that the work continues at home for these inspiring Young Carers. Reaching them would not have been possible without our funders. We are grateful to them for enabling us to give these children the gift of growing, and we look forward to seeing the progress photos from Tracey’s group.

If you have been encouraged by the children’s enthusiasm, you can view the Grow for it! packs here. From recycled plant pots and flower pressing, to growing vegetables into edible walls, there are plenty of fun-filled outdoor activities to keep young hands occupied this summer.

Grow for it! Grow for it! Grow for it!