Children enjoy exclusive peek behind closed doors

These visits to Carrot and Coriander, a speciality greengrocer not normally open to the public, were part of the Food Hero element of our Food Discovery Programme, where children have the opportunity to meet local suppliers and producers, very important people in the journey of food from farm to our plates.

Adam Holbrook, of Carrot & Coriander, told the two Year Four groups how he shops at The Western International Market, Hayes, every morning at 2am, before transporting the fresh produce back to High Wycombe where he sorts and packs the orders then delivers to hotels, restaurants, cafes and small supermarkets.

The children were able to weigh onions, carrots and courgettes and guess the heaviest item in the shop. They also tried to name every fruit and vegetable that Adam had in stock and discussed which produce were in season and the countries of origin of passion fruit, bananas, kiwi and oranges. Then the children tried to guess the most popular fruit and the most expensive item. 

Adam does not grow the vegetables himself so the children explained how they are growing spring onions, tomatoes and courgettes at school with their Country Trust coordinators and will be holding two playground markets where they will sell their produce. Adam agreed to help the children top up their own home-grown crops with fruit and vegetables from his shop to pack, price up and sell in the playground in June. Finally, Adam gave each child an apple or banana to enjoy on the walk back to school.

A huge thank you from us to Adam at Carrot & Coriander. These behind-the-scenes Food Hero experiences teach children so much. He also kindly supplies amazingly fresh fruit and vegetables for our Buckinghamshire Food Discovery cookery sessions where we work with children and parents to increase their knowledge of nutrition, budgeting, basic cooking skills and encourage everyone to try different foods. 

The Food Discovery Programme in Buckinghamshire is a new initiative for 2019 and has been very kindly funded for three years by the Rothschild Foundation.

Children enjoy exclusive peek behind closed doors Children enjoy exclusive peek behind closed doors Children enjoy exclusive peek behind closed doors Children enjoy exclusive peek behind closed doors