Busiest summer ever!

As an educational charity most of our work takes place during term time, but with more and more children lacking the opportunity to enjoy days out during the long break, we mobilised our troops for summer 2019.

This year we have seen a 72 per cent increase in the number of children joining us for end of July/August experiences and more than doubled the amount of visits.

During the six-week holiday we have taken 162 children on great days out, including those attending holiday hunger clubs, young carers, refugee families, children with Additional Needs, and children in foster placements.

These are all children who may not have the opportunity to relax, build friendships, learn new things and create happy memories during the summer.

Many of the children who come on our visits live in built up, urban areas, some have never been to the countryside, a forest or a beach before.

Our visits give those children a chance to see a whole new world- to breathe fresh air, run in meadows, listen to bird song, have fun in open space and to relax.

The days have been filled with den building, running through fields, meeting farm animals, enjoying egg and spoon races and even sausage-making. One Looked After Child who attended a farm visit has an attachment disorder. He’d been very worried all summer about having a new teacher when he goes back to school. He was also very reticent to come along on a Country Trust day out. By the end of the day he had made new friends and had had a whale of a time. He said: “This has been the funnest day of the whole holiday and we’ve made the best sausages in England.”

We have learnt from our evaluations that the change in surroundings can have a significant impact on a child; improving behaviour, stimulating learning, encouraging new relationships and giving ALL children a chance to discover new things, to understand the world and to just enjoy being children.

We also understand that by helping children to build a bank of happy memories, we create more resilient adults. We believe every child deserves this.

Busiest summer ever! Busiest summer ever! Busiest summer ever! Busiest summer ever!