children planting pants in the soil children planting pants in the soil

Plant Your Pants!

Launched on World Soil Day!

What better way to connect children with the land that sustains us, than looking down to the earth beneath our feet? 




Burying pants is a technique that’s been used by scientists the world over to engage people in the science of soil health. The healthier the soil, the more disintegrated the cotton pants will be once they are dug up. It’s a way that children can discover life, both visible and invisible, in any patch of earth - from planters to parks, gardens, schools and farms. We’ve co-designed the programme with scientists, teachers, parents and children involved at every stage. 

Taking part is likely to spark connection and curiosity along the way, and our resources will guide you on how to look for signs of life, understand what it means and why it matters to each of us.  

You will be able to share your findings online thanks to our interactive soil map and help us build up a picture of soil health across the country. You will also have the opportunity to ask a scientist or farmer any soil-related questions you can think of. 

This campaign is to become annual and over time, we hope to build a nationwide understanding of the vital importance of soil, and the role each of us can play in making our soil healthy. 

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