Children running across a field Children running across a field

It’s not just about science. Developing children’s emotional intelligence around climate change.

4 October 2021

As COP26 approaches, climate change will be at the forefront of many minds; for me personally, as a primary school teacher with a background in environmental education and conservation it is a topic very close to my heart.

I just recently joined the Country Trust as Programme Manager for Farm in a Box and I’m so excited to have joined the team at a time when they are launching the latest and most ambitious Box to date, Climate Action Farm in a Box. 

Climate change can feel insurmountable – it can feel like a large issue that is beyond our reach to influence. However, there are things that we can all be doing that benefit the planet and improve outcomes for the climate and the future. We can make personal changes; we can work in our local communities, and we can push for changes on a larger scale. The more of us who are working together, the greater our positive influence can be.  

But what about young children? How do we support them to understand the consequences of climate change whilst supporting them to feel empowered to make change, when we as adults may feel disempowered and anxious? 

Climate Action Farm in a Box supports teachers by introducing the topic in a step-by-step approach, across 10 hands-on activities. In 9 out of 10 activities, there is space for children to reflect on how they feel and are encouraged to discuss these feelings openly with their peers, teachers and family. All the information, resources and tools needed to start these conversations with students is provided in the Box.  

Across my work in education I have seen how young people take great pride in doing things they know are helping others and their planet, they love to be able to teach others in their communities about what they can be doing too. Relevant and engaging activities which build confidence and connections is key to developing agency and strategies to turn anxiety into action! 

“Agency is being able to make choices and decisions to influence events and to have an impact on one's world”. 

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child 

At The Country Trust, our mission is to empower disadvantaged children to create change in their lives and the world around them. We believe it is essential for all young people to feel empowered and able to improve their own futures and the future of the planet by providing the opportunities and tools for them to become active participants in the matters that affect their lives. 

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Students talking with their teacher
Students with their hands in mud

The activities in Climate Action Farm in a Box build towards a pupil-led School Climate Action Plan, providing the opportunity for children to be proactive against climate change, where they are. 

These pupils will be our future climate scientists, farmers, engineers, politicians and we need a diverse and dynamic group of problem solvers who can see a challenge and choose to face it head on and to look for innovative solutions.  

Thanks to support from the Hiscox Foundation, Climate Action Farm in a Box is FREE for eligible schools.

Anna Gordon