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A Hume Give Back Friday

We believe that rather than devalue our products through flash sales, we can use Black Friday as an opportunity to help others.

24 December 2021

While many retailers slashed their prices on Black Friday, A Hume of Kelso decided a year ago they would not follow the herd.

The family-owned country outfitters, who specialise in high-quality outdoor clothing, are justifiably protective of the value and integrity of their brand. Managing Director, Rachel Thomson said, “We believe that rather than devalue our products through flash sales, we can use Black Friday as an opportunity to help others.”

In 2020 A Hume decided to donate 10% of sales on Black Friday to The Country Trust. In 2021 they generously repeated this campaign on the Ladies’ Store Opening day, and again on Black Friday, raising over ten thousand pounds in total. Their philanthropy also assists the Scottish education charity, RHET. The Country Trust team are collaborating with RHET in a shared mission funded by A Hume to provide countryside visits for five thousand children.

We feel it is important that the benefits of the country state of mind are accessible to people from all backgrounds and faiths, in particular those who are least likely to have access to it. The Country Trust actually deliver this philosophy through their farm and food programmes.

They are an amazing education charity who share our values and principles, and we have built a close relationship with them.”

Rachel Thomson experienced the children’s joy and wonder on a farm visit when she joined the GUST School from Ashington at the Mindrum Estate in November, digging up worms, meeting the animals and sharing the fun of pond dipping. One little boy announced, “It makes me want to go into my garden! I never knew there was so much in soil!” The visit created a long lasting impact on the children and inspired aspirations to live and work in the countryside. “It made me quite emotional,” Rachel revealed afterwards.

Sue Thompson, Country Trust Coordinator, concluded, “It is a privilege and pleasure to work with Rachel and everyone at A Hume as we share the same vision. Both of our organisations have bravely expanded in the face of adversity this year, and we use our passion and expertise to benefit the youngest, and most vulnerable, in our society in the critical mission to help them understand the countryside, and make deep connections to the land that sustains us all.” 

Staff outside the Hume Store
Students on the farm
Students on the farm
Students on the farm