A is a Carer for Mum and Dad. Read his story.

A case study of a child on a summer Country Trust visit written by one of our partner organisations:

"A" - aged 9. Carer for Mum and Dad. Mum has mental health issues and both have drug and alcohol issues. Very socially isolated. Mum and dad find it very difficult to take him out.

"A" worries about them both, he checks on them all the time and knows when they are both unwell. "A’s" only outlet is school. "A" comes to Young Carers for a break. "A" has never been to the countryside before.

Day out to the farm – initially very shy, hood up, reluctant to touch animals. But with encouragement, got involved, interacting with other children, smiling and happy. "A" made new friends and became very confident with animals and the environment."

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A is a Carer for Mum and Dad. Read his story.