Treasure hunt fun

60 Year 2 children from Whitecote Primary School, Leeds recently enjoyed winter woodland visits to Ledston Estate, near Castleford in West Yorkshire.

The visits, organised by our Farm Discovery Manager Kay Whitfield, were a great success. The morning was spent creating treasure hunts and Kay gave every child something to lay a trail with, such as white pebbles, purple wool and other things the children had found in the woods. Then, clues about creatures that live in the woods were put out along their trail, for each child to follow. All the children had a go at following each other’s trails and had a really fun time.

In the afternoon, the children set about making pieces of artwork in the style of work by British sculptor and photographer, Andy Goldsworthy. This linked to their school curriculum topic, with one class making 2d pictures and the other creating 3d constructions.

There was plenty of time throughout the day for lots of jumping and running around too, with the children keeping fit and healthy in the fresh air!

Treasure hunt fun Treasure hunt fun Treasure hunt fun