A terrific time with Tina!

Our Chairman of Trustees Tina Fanshawe is also a Country Trust host farmer and last week showed a group of 14 children from Lings Primary School, Northampton around her farm, Oak Farm near Naseby.

The children were very enthusiastic and keen to learn all about life on the farm. They began with a tour of the herb and vegetable gardens and then explored a woodland where Tina told them about the different trees, vegetation and the children discussed the sorts of animals that lived there.

After lunch in Tina's warm and welcoming farm kitchen, the children got to stroke a pony, watch a lamb being born and had great fun naming 4 large bulls - the most fitting of the names being Maximus.

The visit was organised by recently appointed Country Trust Farm Coordinator, Dave Dewick and was a great success with both children, teachers, Tina and her husband James, who also led part of the visit.

We look forward to seeing Ling Primary School again when they come back for their next visit at the end of April.

A terrific time with Tina! A terrific time with Tina! A terrific time with Tina!